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Who is Anthony Hallman?

Who is Anthony Hallman? What do we know about him?


The earliest record to date for Anthony Hallman and his wife, Maria Salome (surname unknown) Hallman, was discovered in July of 1963 by Capt. Van E. Hallman while travelling in Germany. The following is taken from the Chronology of Correspondence Regarding European Origins of Antonius Heilmann, Compiled from Records of Hallman Family Association by Kevin Hopkins Smith, Esquire, dated 14-Aug-1999. Mr. Smith compiled this document during his tenure as Historian for the Hallman Family Association.

1963, Jul 11 - Capt. Van E. Hallman, Park Hotel Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, Germany, to Eric Hallman (handwritten letter on Park Hotel Wiesbaden stationery)

" . . . Yesterday I visited, with my family, the home of Herr Friedrich Heilmann in Blensheim, Germany. He is the man with whom I have been corresponding about the records in Speyer. Friedrich had been to the town of Grosniedesheim since I last received a letter from him and had located some more records. (Grosneidesheim [sic] is near Klein Niedesheim and some how or other had obtained its old records. He had copied many of the records and his 19th entry caught my eye. It stated as follows:
Anthony Heyllmann & Maria Salome
14,10,1718 Anna Maria
Taufzeuge Anna Maria Haeusers von Pfiffligheim
Taufzeuge means Godmother, Pfiffligheim is a small town near Worms & Kleinniedesheim.

Also included in Mr. Smith's Chronology of Correspondence:

1964, May 19 - Dr. Scheidt, Archivdirektor, Staatsarchiv, Speyer, Germany to Capt. Van E. Hallman (handwritten "copy" of original letter with notation, presumably by Eric Hallman, "(original returned to Capt. Van E. Hallman with my letter of 1-9-65)")
" . . . In Speyer there is another record in a special room. This is a church record headed "Geistliche Güter administration Heïdelberg Number 681c which shows that in 1718 a Anthoni Heillmann in Kleinniedesheim [sid] (Hochheim Gulten) rented the following land
1 acre in Wegland or Loch
2 acres in Schild
1/2 acre in Loch
We believe this is the man for whom you are looking but there is no record of him going to America."

Then, from ANTHONY HALLMAN, One of the pioneers of the Hallman Family in America, Presented to The Hallman Family Association August 5, 1909 by D.H. Bergey At Its Second Annual Reunion:

" . . . Hermanus Kuster purchased 200 acres of Van Bebber on August 10, 1708. On June 29, 1713 Hermanus Kuster and Sibilla, his wife, conveyed 150 acres of this tract to Evan Williams, and on March 9, 1720, Richard Jones and Thomas Kenworthy, executors of the estate of Evan Williams, sold the 150 acres to Anthony Hallman"

The information detailed above shows that Anthony Hallman was in the town of Klein Niedesheim in October of 1718, and in Skippack, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in March of 1720. It seems likely that Anthony, his wife Maria Salome, and some of their children crossed the ocean in 1719. Ocean travel was hazardous, and even though we don't have a record of their immigration, most crossings took place during the late spring and summer months, with most ships arriving in the New World no later than September.

Additional record of Anthony Hallman can be found in the Pennsylvania Archives.



PETITION OF THE INHABITANTS OF COLEBROOKDALE, 1728. To His Excellency Patrick Gordon Esqr., Governor Generall in Chief over the Province of pencilvania, and the Territoris thereunto Belonging, Benbrenors township and the Adjacences Belonging May ye 10th 1728. [The text of the petition requests relief from the "Ingians", and is signed by 48 men, including Anthony halmon, "And numerous others."]

Again, from ANTHONY HALLMAN, One of the pioneers of the Hallman Family in America, Presented to The Hallman Family Association August 5, 1909 by D.H. Bergey At Its Second Annual Reunion:

” . . . judging from the date of his naturalization, in 1729 . . . “

Dr. Bergey doesn’t give a source for this information.

Conflicting information is recorded in the minutes of the Reunion of 1917. In an address by the Rev. A.K. Bean, he states that Anthony Hallman was naturalized in 1731.


From the Historical Society of Augustus Lutheran Church, UNVEILING OF A “MARKER” AT TRAPPE, PA, To the Memory of Anthony Heilman, a member of the Church Council with Muhlenberg in 1743, on Saturday Afternoon, October 6th, 1928:

(translated) “Under the Auspices of Christ, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, together with his Council, I.N. Crosman, F. Marsteler, A. Heilman, I. Mueller, G. Kebner and H. Haas; erected from the very foundation this Temple dedicated by the Society holding the Augsburg Confession. A.S. 1743”

Inscription on Marker:

Tulip-Poplar, 1928

Memorial to Anthony Hallman

Member of the Council when first Church was built – 1743. Elder for many years. By his descendants in the United States and Canada – Historical Society of Augustus Church. 1928.

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