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Research and Discoveries

We are fortunate to have many avenues for researching our genealogy. Thanks to the Internet, family members are able to share their discoveries, and this page will be updated with new information we hope you will find enlightening.

I requested an image of the page showing the original burial record from
the Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Church,
and a staff member provided the image below, on the right.
On the left is the translation.


Image at right is from the
Pennsylvania German Church Records from the Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings and Addresses, Vol. 1, page 524
by Don Yoder

For years, the transcription on the right was the standard record of the death of one of Henry Hallman's sons. The information comes from the Matricul of the Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Church of New Providence, Pennsylvania, usually called the Old Trappe Church, 1729-1777, copied, collated, and arranged by Julius Friedrich Sachse, and is quoted by several authors. Many researchers feel that this entry refers to Henry's son Anthony Hallman, born 8 November 1742, and the person recording the child's age rounded it up to three years. The notation of  ' --- months' was either ignored or assumed to be a null value.

Sept 29 1745 burial from pdf file.jpg
29 Sep 1745 burial record original cropped portrait 60 50.png
Image of three original burial entries from the fall of 1745,
from the records of the
Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Church, Trappe, PA

There are three full entries on this page, separated by horizontal lines.
Translation provided by Gerda Dinwiddie.

Old German:

Den 26sten Septembr ist Anthon Heilmanns liebe Ehefrau Maria

Salome Begraben mit dem erwählten leichen Text aus Allagl. (?)

Jeremiae ... 15-16. Ihres Alters 73 Jahre.

D 29 Septembr ist Heinrich Heilmanns Sӧhnlein begraben von

3 Jahren und elf Monathen. Leichen text aus dem letzten

Cap. Jonae den letzten Vers.

D. 2ten Octbr ist Johannis Heisers sechsjähriges Tӧchterlein

begraben mit dem text Astanb.(?) 3. Selig sind die todten

die in den Herrn sterben eh(?) Sie hat Rebecca geheißen.

Old German to English

The 26th of September was buried Anthon Heilmann's dear wedded wife Maria Salome with the chosen burial text from Allagl.(?) Jeremiae ... 15-16. Her age 73 years.

The 29th of September was buried Heinrich Heilmann's little son of 3 years and eleven months. Burial text from the last chapter Jonae the last verse.

The 2nd of October was buried Johannis Heiser's six-year-old little daughter with the text Astanb.(?) 3. Blessed are dead who die in the Lord. eh(?) Her name had been Rebecca.

Translator's note: Transcriptions are always written exactly as in the handwriting, which does not always follow standard spelling. Words which I was not able to decipher without a doubt, are marked like this: (?) after the word.

29 Sep 1745 burial record original portrait.png
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