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The 2024 Annual Reunion will be held

Sunday, August 18th

at Lower Skippack Mennonite Church, 892 Evansburg Rd., Skippack PA

Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share
12:45 Appetizers and Fellowship               1:15 Free Luncheon
Annual Business Meeting to follow

Phone Bev Bean at 610-631-1920 and leave a message, or
email to or

Membership is NOT required to attend the Reunion,
only required to vote at the Business Meeting



Since its beginning in 1980, the Hallman Family Association has preserved many photos and documents that tell the story of our family.

Family Stuff

We want to connect with you! We are gathering and sharing photos and stories from local family gatherings and our annual reunion.


Our family association works hard to plan our annual reunion.  We depend on membership to support this effort. 

The Hallman Family Association

The Hallman Family Association was founded in 1908 after a series of three meetings in the spring/early summer of that year. Howard Hallman, a fifth-generation descendant of Anthony Hallman, called these meetings to address the concern that the Hallman family might be drifting apart with each successive generation. Those family members attending the first meetings agreed that an Association, with annual reunions, would bring the Hallmans of all ages together to strengthen family ties. An Association was formed, officers were elected, and plans were launched.


The First Annual Reunion of the Hallman Family Association was held on August 6, 1908, at Plymouth Park, outside of Norristown, Montgomery County. Successive reunions were held at White City, Ursinus College, Zieber's Park, and Ringing Rocks.

Starting in 1921, with the gift of one acre of land by Hallman descendants I. Clarence H. Moyer and his wife, Maggie R. Hallman Moyer, the Hallman Family Association had a permanent location for the annual Reunion: The Hallman Grove, at the corner of Evansburg and Hallman Roads in Skippack, PA. In 1925, the Association purchased the entire Moyer farm, but found itself in financial straits within a year. The Trustees decided to sell about 30 acres of the farm, keeping a little over 20 acres for the Hallman Family Association.


Annual Reunions continued, with just one hitch; the old wooden pavilion was completely destroyed by fire in February, 1974, and no Reunion was held that year. The Reunion of 1975 was held at the Green Tree Church of the Brethren in Oaks, PA. A new pavilion was built, and the Family continued to gather at the Hallman Grove on the third Sunday of August every year.


The new millennium brought challenges to the HFA, and the Association's declining membership found it difficult to retain ownership of the Hallman Grove. The property was purchased by Skippack Township in December of 2009, and beginning in 2010 the Hallman Family Reunion has been held at the Lower Skippack Mennonite Church.

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Thank you!

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